Post Summer Break

After my recent touring holiday, in the mesmerisingly beautiful Northern Picos Mountain region of Spain, I am trying to be more “Spanish”!   Slow, slow, slow… easier said than done!  Two days back in the shop and bam, stress levels started to rise.  Calm yourself Mrs A, breathe and be more Spanish…  Ta Dah! Instant calm…

It’s been great catching up with all my loyal, regular customers and friends in the shop and wonderful to make the acquaintance of, yes, tourists (of a sort) to Thundersley Village!

Families tend to spend their precious down time during the slower paced summer months catching up.  To this end, we have met new customers from Wales, America, Australia and deepest South Woodham.  Not forgetting to mention new customers from local areas too. Thank you to you all.

The Spanish, more or less, grind to a complete halt in the heat of the summer, which my husband and I find completely alien.  However, there is definitely something to be said for it…  our current heatwave has a somewhat slow, lethargic, peaceful pace to it.

Today, in the shop I worked hard and long – I knew I had because my leg, from knee down, puffed up and ached.  I ate a simple light salad alfresco and rested!  Upon returning home, despite a flat tyre… I sat quite happily, encouraged by a glass of chilled white, watching Andy Murray and a very fit looking Italian battle for position at Wimbledon.  Neil and I dined like continentals at 9.30pm, naturally, with more vino collapso…

Now I am sitting in the dark, alfresco, enjoying the simplest of pleasures – a light breeze, relative quiet as the night draws in and starts to cast exquisite shadows, causing playful reflections by my modest night lighting.  My garden is transformed into a space I had forgotten existed just outside the back door.   One lantern, highlighted by the moon, illuminates a clump of anemones beneath the stump of a much loved palm tree.  Peeking above is a halo of ornamental artichokes also bathed in the glorious glow –  it’s ghostly white and quite intoxicating … or is that the cognac?  I am taking being continental very seriously.

What has any of this old twaddle got to do with crochet or knitting I hear you say?


It’s been smashing just being in the moment, sitting peacefully, listening to the night sounds, feeling the breeze and just being.

However, I can’t wait to start planning what I am going to make with our latest new line – Baby Cloud Aran.  It is a wonderfully smooth, soft, light weight tubular construction in 10 sugar almond colours. In fact, I have now completed a little crochet baby blanket as a sample.


The shop has now definitely slowed (Continental pace) into summer holiday mode but I am busy selecting and purchasing new yarns from the very many new lines flaunted at me by the yarn companies.

We will continue to run our usual clubs and courses in knitting and crochet over the summer. So, if you are keen to improve your skills or learn a new one, pop in for a chat and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.
We teach brand new basic skills for beginners right through to more advanced students…

On our Facebook page or Instagram, you may have seen details of our first lace knitting day.  We are also in the process of setting a date and times for a Fair Isle course.

Well the breeze has turned into a light wind, the clouds are playing havoc with the silhouettes, shadows and reflections.  I can’t see the plough in the night sky any longer so off to bed.  I think I could grow to like the continental way of life…

OH, just before I go.  We all need to purchase or restock our notion supplies (hooks, needles, markers etc. ) from time to time.  My main suppliers are Knit Pro, they offer a varied selection from value lines right through to exquisitely crafted tools. I have just received their new brochure and for the first time they have included an introduction and background to their ethos and values as a company.  I was quite moved, encouraged and proud to be, in our very small way, associated with their professional, human approach.  I intend copying the said pages for display in the shop.  I hope you find their story uplifting too.

Buenas noches!

Sandie at Bodkins  – well actually from my back garden ♥♥♥

WHOOPS! I  nearly forgot the Summer Competition.  Please, please keep working on up-cycling a bag with knitted or crochet embellishments.  We have had a couple of sneak previews…  We are really hopeful for lots of submissions and it’s our intention to have a big window display showcasing all your clever designs and ideas.  Full details for entry can be found on our Facebook page or pop in and ask us.

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