Two Years On…


Two whole years ago, I very sheepishly re- opened Bodkins as the “New Owner”.

What a ride…

For those of you who knew and loved Jo – she proves to be a hard act to follow; the tidy up was the easiest part! Then the real work began.

As many of you know,  I worked in education for 17 years, helping to shape and form the Nations future minds. How I missed the sheer elation of small children’s realisation moment  when they read their first words or formed the letters of their name. To my delight, this has been replaced with my new students learning paths into the creative and mindful world of textiles. Grown- ups have, and continue, to be enthralled by their new  creative experimentation into the world of wooly wonderfulness – be it Crochet, Knitting or Sewing. It gives me the same feeling of pleasure when a new Knitter or Crochet student suddenly “gets it”.

Max (my Sister) and I love the diversity of this caring vibrant community and are always eager to hear the stories of Bodkins history. From what we have been told the shop has, in some form, been a haberdashery for around 70 years!

We have increased our Knit & Natter groups; the friendship, camaraderie and support, given and received, is amazing. We are often feeling quite apologetic for the “peace shattering” to customers, as the sheer volume of so many Knitters nattering and laughing raucously must be somewhat unexpected. We have some very lively sessions with near -to- standing-room only often experienced. Some customers have mentioned it’s “a little intimidating”; by that I am not surprised!  However, providing a warm, comfortable hub for Knitters with a real sense of community and care is an important aspect of what we do at Bodkins. We would like to think no real offence was taken or will be in the future.

So, the first blog – not really certain what to write about! My main interests are:

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Knitting, Crochet & Bodkins
  3. My allotment

Number 1 will always be first. Numbers 2 & 3 – Oh! A hair between them…I’m getting ready for 2017 growing season now.
The wholesalers big Stitches Show is opening this weekend in Birmingham and my husband and I will enjoy a business trip weekend. I have made a list of possible new brands to speak with and I am looking forward to seeing all the new seasons show casing. However, my allotment cafe re-opens with the Annual Seed Potato Sale happening the same weekend! More lists and pleas of help will be required, for my fellow allotment owners to save me some spuds!

The anticipation of what will be a success and what will be a massive flop is as exciting to me as the awe and wonder of a new stitch or pattern accomplished. Some are fabulous, some are not.

Who knows what 2017 will bring? But Knitting, Crochet and nattering will help us all as an antidote to facing many uncertainties!

Keep smiling!


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  1. Maria kelly

    Congratulations sandie , I absolutely love Bodkins . As you say jo was a hard act to follow but you have certainly managed to successful take over and Bodkins has had a fresh makeover and it’s wonderful. You and Max are so friendly and helpful and although I haven’t visited the shop recently I am constantly directing my friends to your shop you have it all. I will pop in and see what classes are available I am looking for a stitch and bitch class to replace my old one ( I am no longer a WI ) member.

    Keep up the good work and lots of love and luck to you and Maxine xxx

    1. Sandie Adams (Post author)

      Thank You! x

  2. Brigitte

    What an amazing website Sandie and I love my Monday class!

    1. Sandie Adams (Post author)

      Thank you! x

  3. Helen

    Hi Sandie
    Congratulations on what you have achieved in the last two years. The shop looks lovely and your creativity is obvious for all to see!
    Wishing you every success in the future.
    Love from Helen.

    1. Sandie Adams (Post author)

      Thank you! x


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