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I just love my customers and the unexpected pleasures they sometimes bring me!

Recently, I have been helping a lovely lady who I will refer to as T to find a pattern and yarn that is “simple, calming and quick”. She is badly in need of calming and de-stressing…

Project number 1 proved to cause T more stress, back she came reporting her anguish, T absolutely loved the idea and look of the project, a triangle shawl / scarf with alternating stripes of soft as air kid silk mohair and a multi printed 4ply. However, this one was not for her…

I loved the idea too, as we crocheters and knitters tend, I dropped everything I was working on selected some gorgeous yarn for myself and started a new project:

I have used one of the few remaining Louisa Harding yarns, Pittura 4ply, a delightful mix of fine merino with bamboo and a cloud like Rico super kid mohair with silk.

So, on with selecting Project 2 for T. We tried everything we could using the yarn T had already purchased but sadly this was not going to work at this stage. Eventually, after a few practice attempts at different patterns we stumbled upon a Sirdar Colourwheel crochet pattern with the words Easy Crochet emblazoned on the front… Ah the pattern was for DK but T really wanted to use a mohair soft sort of yarn.

Rico Riguretto Aran to the rescue…

I just happened to be working on a scarf in this very yarn. I was not about to let T leave the premises without being fairly certain she could in fact manage the project! Down we sat and after a few teething problems and lots of encouragement we got it sussed.

Now, once again, I too loved the idea of this project! So, with gay abandon, I cut, yes cut free the yarn from my original project and immediately started the same one! I simply had to, after all it was in the best interest of customer relations! What if T came back with a problem and I didn’t have the answer?

Oh dear, indeed I found not a problem as such, but what could be a tiny hiccup. Lesson / tip for us all. Read the pattern through before starting your project. I know, I know we are so so excited this goes straight out to the window.

I may have miss led T by announcing “see, easy once you know how, super quick double trebles all spanning out into a triangle “. Triangle being the slight problem. Yes it does and should span out into a triangle but not the usual regular pyramid shaped triangle! More a wedge shape. Given T’s current fragile nature, I was devastated that she would think she was doing it all wrong and I would be adding to her stress levels.

Fortunately, I have her mobile number and hopefully, not breaching any Data Protection Laws, I made the decision to text her a photo of my wedge explaining about the increasing and decreasing situation.

I have just started the decreasing on the opposite side of the wedge and can’t wait to get to the border.

Oh, just to say, I know lots of folk are a little nervous about mohair. I too had my doubts. I was wearing navy blue jeans and jumper while making my version and have no shedding to speak of on me and the fabric itself is light and soft and I’m hopeful will be warm as toast around my neck.

More photos to follow and news of how T got on with her project.

Happy crocheting and or knitting to you all, stay, warm, safe, well and as happy as you can – remember a problem shared is often just simply a relief!!!!

Sandie 😘

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