New Acquaintances

Isn’t it funny how we meet new people and how our first impressions are not always accurate?!  I have had some of these encounters…

Some time ago, a very beautiful, anxious looking lady called into the shop, clutching an almost finished crochet baby blanket. Upon investigation (notice I didn’t use interrogation), we discovered she had in fact started the project over 2 years ago and her wool was now discontinued!!!!  The poor lady was immediately thrown into a blind panic and utter desperation.  It took some sweet talking to calm her down!  Eventually, she cleared her mind and we sat together and found a suitable replacement yarn. We found a way to make what had, for her, seemed an impossible situation into an achievable one.  This week, the same lady returned with her project and a very relaxed and happy looking demeanour.  Her blanket was complete and she had returned, as I had suggested, to get help and advice on her finishing border.  I did a little happy dance in my head.  We spent the next 20 minutes or so, discussing and trying various techniques and styles…  Again, a few days later she returned, this time beaming with confidence.  TA DA!

What a difference to that first encounter…  I am sorry if you are this lady, I didn’t ask you your name, I do know however you have an equally beautiful daughter called Ava.  Thank you for sticking with your project and with us.  It looks fabulous and hopefully we will have you hooking through many more very soon😀

Whilst on the subject of human dilemmas, I must re-tell a very touching love story.  We are, as some of you are aware, now stocking some of the Toft Edwards Menagerie crochet kits.  A mother and daughter came in making enquiries about some they had noticed in the window.  After chatting, it became apparent that the daughter couldn’t yet crochet, I informed her about our crochet courses to which she responded glumly, her difficulty was she lived in the Caribbean!  However, (now happy and bouncy) was planning to return to the UK relatively soon.  She was happy to purchase the kit and would come on a course upon her return.  Being inquisitive, I wanted to find out more about her and why she was returning to the UK…

LOVE,❤️ plain and simple –  she had found love.  He lives here and she intends to prove her undying relentless deep love for him as soon as she possibly can!  Naturally, I had to ask if he knew how she felt?  “Oh yes!”, was the response “I just need to really really prove it to him”.  Oh my, it made my heart flutter for her.  Again, I didn’t ask her name but wish her every happiness with her nearly new life…  I look forward to her return and the romantic outcome … do I need to buy a hat? 😂.  And all those crochet creations we are going to learn together!

So, with these wonderful stories of human endeavour playing out and considering the turmoil of emotions I went through while speaking to and helping these ladies, I would like to mention – this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health is, sadly, often regarded as some kind of dirty little secret!  During all our lives, we are all rolling in and out of all sorts of daily, hourly even second by second states and extremes of mental health.  Fortunately, most of us are capable of readjusting, and move on.  However, in this frantic, breakneck speed world we all live in, sometimes our systems are overwhelmed and we sink!   Let’s all try to be more mindful and compassionate towards others, not just this week…

I attempt Yoga for mindfulness and relaxation which sort of helps, but I find my crochet brings me that real feeling of total selfishness!  Nothing enters my mind apart from the therapeutic flow of the almost hypnotic repetition of the stitches.
Finally, we would like to extend a HUGE thank you for all the support given at the recent Super Hero Fund Raising Village Event. So far, we have raised £140!  Your kind comments and appreciation regarding our Super Hero crochet yarn bombing figures does not go unreported.  We are extremely fortunate to have a Bodkins Crochet Crew who work tirelessly to support such events.

Our Crochet team were all new acquaintances, our meetings were for varied reasons, achieving a new skill, getting some quick advice, putting the world to rights over a shared theme… However, these almost chance initial acquaintances have now formed into real friendships.   We help one another through all sorts of “life crisis”, births, deaths, illness, relationships, be those issues joyous or depressing. So, thank you all, ladies. You have certainly been my Super Heroes and saving grace on more than a one occasion.  Who would have thought a couple of sticks, a hook and a ball of yarn could weave such magic….?

So, wiping my eyes dry through my emotional praise for new friendships, I go on to add, we have had overwhelming requests for homes for the Super Heroes.  To this end, we have happily re-homed them for a donation.  All proceeds from this have been added to the weekend fundraising, and our above-mentioned total will go directly to the charity RP – Fighting Blindness.

Please let’s be clear – they did not purchase one of my real Super Heroes, just a crochet one!!

If you would like to crochet your own Super Hero all the patterns are available free on the internet.

Happy knitting and crocheting
Sandie x

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