Super Heroes & Super Projects!

Hello all,

It seems to have been a while since I last put pen to paper, or more correctly, fingers to keyboard…

In fact, I now like to think of myself as technologically “emerging”. However, the truth sees me with pen in hand scribbling and altering as I go, later to be transferred to the WWW!

Somehow, I find a peace and tranquillity in the written word, my crazy tumble of thoughts and ideas bumping together to hopefully, eventually create a blog for your amusement…It is not I fear, dissimilar to the approach I use when crocheting, knitting or sewing.  Often, my best projects start out very differently to how they end up.  Some successfully and some “absolute disasters darling!”

On the creativity front, just before the summer holidays (long ago I know) I was fortunate in being invited to work with a group of students attending Cedar Hall School.  What a wonderful experience.  Firstly, Cedar Hall is the kind of environment any parent would be proud to have their child nurtured in.  The facilities, staff ethos and commitment are outstanding.

It’s been awhile since my teacher hat has been on and these children are secondary age!  Yikes, so feeling nervous, I joined GB10 and almost immediately felt my worries dissolve.  The children – or more correctly, young adults helped me to feel totally at ease.  We spent the afternoon experimenting with weaving and had a lot of fun.

Following the very successful Super Hero’s event in the village, I presented Cedar Hall with their Own Super Heroes, in the form of Superman and Wonder Woman.   Much to our delight, the whole class, along with their teachers and helpers came to collect them from Bodkins…  it was a tight squeeze.

The enthusiastic question and answer session that ensued was one of pure awe and wonder for us as much as them.

So, a challenge for the class was set.  Could they work on a Super Hero project of their own which we would display for the October Noise Art Trial?


I am sure most of you noticed our window display which Max and I were thrilled with.

Thank you GB10 and especially to Mrs Buttigieg ( I like to shorten it to Mrs Beautiful! ) and her team for allowing this strong community link to be forged.  I am really looking forward to visiting and hopefully working with the children in the future.





I penned this ditty to you from our quick week in the sunshine.  We had a very relaxing week in The Gambia enjoying the Gambian hospitality which is so generous.  For a country and people that have so very, very little they are truly amazing.  We definitely needed to brace ourselves for the firm grip of winter weather upon our return.

That firm grip, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we need to do with our needles and hooks.  Not long at all now until Christmas takes over…  The light goes earlier, the curtains close sooner, the heating goes up a notch higher almost daily, slippers and PJ’s take on new meaning, along with cosy throws and cushions.

Now is the absolute right time to begin a longer term project.  My biggest long term project lasted around 3 years!!!!!  It is now finished (and in the shop).  It began as one of my crazy ideas and evolved ….  let’s just say the starting sketch was very different to the end product.  However, despite the length of time, it remains one of the most pleasurable projects I have ever worked on.

What is it?  A simple patchwork Crochet blanket.  Each square is a different stitch which, in itself was a fantastic attention grabber, enabling me to take one square out and about with me. I chose to use the same yarn throughout in lots of similar tonal shades.

With today’s enormous selection of wool, yarn, textures and colour I can see another 3 year (or longer) super project forming!

Wishing you a stress free run up to the festive preparations and celebration season.

Keep stitching and above all keep calm…



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