Hello All,

Those of you who know me well, will agree (or feel free to disagree) that I was not blessed with infinite amounts of the ingredient patience.  However, over the last few years in Bodkins, I believe my public levels have risen considerably…

This brings me on to the impatience we all have with ourselves and those we love and hold dear.

Knitting, Crochet teaching and project problem solving at Bodkins is a daily, thoroughly enjoyable part of our service.  Both Max and I seem to have heaps of patience for this.  However, with ourselves we expect to be able to achieve everything we attempt first time.  Do you find your personal patience limited?  Is it a sad reflection of modern day living, with us all falling foul of the instant gratification society which is becoming ever more evident? So, over the summer I intend to spend more time being patient with myself and my family and those I hold dear.  I am going to think before I react – I am go to slow down and spend more time, to coin a phrase, “smelling the roses”.


Crochet and knitting are now becoming the number one calming, therapeutic hobbies with proven health and wellbeing benefits. With this in mind, I recently embarked on a new area of crochet – I designed a mandala pattern for the local mental health charity, South East & Central Essex Mind. The pattern was made available at both Bodkins and via their fundraising team, for a small donation, and I am sure those that had a go at hooking up my masterpiece enjoyed the experience. I, however, found the challenge of pattern design and my ambition to come up with something different to existing mandala patterns a bit of a toll on my patience! I much prefer the art of crochet with hook and yarn in my hand.  I think that is how we can all start feeling the chilled vibe!!

Now I must share with you a total example of a very, very impatient knitter and hooker, who will remain nameless, but many of us know and love her well…

Once upon a time, in a little Wooly village shop a lady introduced herself to the shop keeper.   Very quickly the shop keeper and the lady became friends.  The lady joined one of the shop keeper’s groups, the little group gradually grew bigger and bigger.  All who attend the group became friends, helping, supporting, and sharing with each other, not only their chosen projects but life’s huge tapestry of adventures and misadventures.

The original lady was always keen to try new projects but for some reason always doubted her abilities …  over time and with encouragement from the group, the original lady started to produce enviable projects.  Other group members began to covet her Items and before long we were all copying her makes.

One day the original lady’s next project needed to be on circular needles!  “Oh no!” she exclaimed, “I won’t be able to do that” (self-doubt had returned).  The shop keeper assured her that she would.

Now for the impatience…

The following week, the original lady returned to the group. Oh me oh my, how the group howled with laughter!  The original lady had become so impatient with her circular knitting needles she had decided they were too long for her and had cut them not only in one place but two and re-joined the cord with some kind of masking tape!   The original lady was upset and disappointed with her ability to tame the circular needle, which in turn made her act in an irrational way.  This all happened on Sunday evening and our supportive group met on Monday evening.   Now that is impatience for ya!


The story has a happy ending.  The finished garment was beautiful eventually.












Morale of the story, slow down…does it really matter? Be kind to yourself, if at first you don’t succeed, simple, try and try again.  Always remember, you are not a failure if you simply cannot achieve everything on the first attempt.

Where would the relaxation, fun, enjoyment and stimulation for crafting be if we could all do all of it straight away.  Be proud of your mistakes, it is how we ALL learn and progress on our creative, calming journeys.

Enjoy the summer, enjoy your knitting and crochet.

Calmly yours

Sandie x


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